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CriolloQuetzal chocolate: A brief story about our logo and name

Sacred bird and rare bean

Published by Thierry on 10 November 2021

CriolloQuetzal chocolate: Story about our logo and name


“ Krï-ooooloo-ketze-alle, isn’t an easy name for a company , eh…! “

Granted, we made it a bit more complex than other big chocolate brands, but like everything we do, we do it for a good reason!

CriolloQuetzal chocolate nameThe criollo is certainly the most extraordinary, rare and delicious cocoa amongst the 4 existing varieties, the one we are looking for in the four corners of the world for you to discover the original aromas of chocolate. It was therefore logical that its name be featured in the name of the company we were about to create.

The quetzal, however, is a beautiful and colourful tropical bird that lives in the cocoa plantation regions of Central and Northern Latin America. It had already been worshiped for its lavish plumage in the time of the Aztecs and Mayans and was therefore literally pre-destined to become our mascot.

CriolloQuetzal chocolate logo Blaise MagnenatAnd so it came to be that a rare bean and a sacred bird with its five-coloured plumage appeared on the moodboards of the creative team in our communications studio, whose mission was to develop our logo and graphic charts for a lot of coff…no… chocolate. You can imagine that the result was a winged bean (graphic transposition of CrilloQuetzal) and that the five colours of the feathers of our mythical bird, red, green, blue, yellow and purple would become the colour codes of the five regions of origin of our exceptional chocolates …. ah creativity, what an amazing job and we thank them, especially for their foresight and leader BlaiseMagnenat.

Here you are, now you know everything and it’s not even as complicated to pronounce as it looks: