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Luzz Cacau - Dark chocolate 80% - BRAZIL - 75g

Gluten Free

​This delicious 80% bar from Luzz Cacau is made with only two high-quality ingredients (cacao and sugar). The cacao comes from family farming in Iguaí, in the state of Bahia.

The strong notes of caramel and banana stand out, offering a combination of irresistible flavors to the palate.

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Country of origin

​​Cacao beans (80% Brazil), sugar

Can contain
Average nutritional value for 100g
Energy 548kcal
Fat 40g
saturated fat 27g
Carbohydrates 48g
sugar 20g
Fiber 13g
Protein 11g
Salt 0g
Additional information
Weight: 75 g | Size: 10 × 17 cm | GTIN: 07898723370004

Cocoa farmer and chocolate maker

Baixa Fresca

Located in Iguaí, south of Bahia State, Mr. João's farm has a story that spans three generations of cocoa farmers. Today his daughter, Josiane Luz, founding partner of Luzz Cacau, aims to keep this story going.

Back in 2000, João was struggling to make a living from his cacao plantation. Then, faced with an infestation of "witch's broom" (a fungal disease that causes the cocoa to rot), he was forced to do away with most of the plantation. Disappointed, he thought that this was the end of the generation of cocoa farmers.

But in 2009, on a trip to Europe, his daughter Josiane Luz was introduced to specialty cocoa and learned that Brazil was one of the best places to cultivate it. Josiane began a journey of discovery of the world of cocoa. She brought all her knowledge back home, and that was when the family business grew from not only cultivating cocoa, but to also making chocolate out of it.

In 2020, Josiane founded Luzz Cacau Chocolateria de Origem LTDA, with the goal of offering sustainable, healthy chocolate, free of preservatives, adding value and flavor to Brazilian chocolate from family farming and with a lot of social and environmental responsibility. Today, in 2023, Josiane and Mr. João work together using a different way to cultivate cocoa through the "Cabruca" system, thus preserving the existing agro-forestry.

Luzz Cacau
Luzz Cacau is a company that is passionate about the world of chocolate, and they proudly follow the "Tree to Bar" philosophy. With an immense dedication to quality and flavor, they aim to offer our customers a unique and engaging experience. From growing cocoa on sustainable farms to the artisanal production of each chocolate bar, they control the entire process to ensure the highest quality and traceability of their products. This means that they know the origin of the cocoa they use, promoting environmental preservation and respect for the producing communities. Their chocolates are carefully elaborated, using the best ingredients. Every detail is thought out to delight the senses and transmit the love and passion they have for chocolate. Besides being delicious, their chocolates are a conscious choice, as they value sustainability, fair trade, and social responsibility. Environmental commitments: Environmental commitment is fundamental to Luzz Cacau, from the selection of cacao seedlings to the production of each chocolate bar.At Luzz, they value the careful choice of cocoa seedlings, seeking varieties that are resistant and adapted to the local envi...

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