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Nahua - Dark chocolate 70% with coffee - COSTA RICA - 50g

Gluten Free

​Dark chocolate connoisseurs will love Nahua’s 70% dark chocolate and coffee bars. Nahua's bars are simple in appearance, but offer a fresh texture and a rich, satisfying creaminess, while preserving the intense bouquet of flavors of the fine cocoa from which they are made.

All Nahua chocolate contains fine cacao nib particles, which their equipment cannot handle. Rather than using time and resources to filter them out, the Nahua chocolate makers decided to keep them, thus making their artisanal chocolate even more interesting.

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Country of origin
Costa Rica

​​​Cacao mass (70% Costa Rica), sugar, cacao butter, coffee

Can contain
Average nutritional value for 100g
Energy 520kcal
Fat 44g
saturated fat 24g
Carbohydrates 40g
sugar 24g
Fiber 12g
Protein 8g
Salt 0g
Additional information
Weight: 50 g | Size: 7 × 13 cm | GTIN: 07443021400207

Cocoa farmer and chocolate maker

Edwin Sibaja

Edwin Sibaja lives with his family on a small plot of land in Guatuso, on the outskirts of Upala. With his many years of agricultural experience, Edwin operates a carefully managed family cacao plantation and implements sustainable agricultural practices.

Edwin is an astute learner and is always seeking out ways to improve his cacao production. He is also a respected community leader and is often found on his neighbors’ plantations helping share cacao producing best practices.

Edwin implements sustainable growing practices as well as proper cropping and nutrition, in accordance with the Nahua Cacao Renovation Program. As a member of Nahua’s producer network, Edwin benefits from the company’s greenhouse and access to high-quality cacao varieties in order to assist in improving the quality of his crops. Technical assistants also work with him to ensure he has the tools necessary to manage his own cacao tree nursery.

Nahua is Costa Rica’s leading brand of fine artisan chocolate. Their chocolate is produced with unique single origin Trinitario cacao beans nurtured to their full-bodied flavor potential through a meticulous post-harvest process. A rich variety of ingredients is then added to provide a unique gourmet experience for all chocolate lovers. Working directly with local farming communities, Nahua’s Cacao Renovation Program helps improve the lives of smallholder farmers by providing valuable technical training and access to financing. The program also focuses on preserving the environment by promoting sustainable farming practices, reforestation, and the conservation of natural ecosystems. Nahua seeks to make a positive impact, one cacao bean at a time!...

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