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Nahua - Dark chocolate 75% with cacao nibs - COSTA RICA - 50g

Gluten Free

​Connoisseurs will love Nahua’s 70% dark chocolate with its large cacao nibs.

Nahua's bars are simple in appearance but offer a rich and satisfying creamy texture while preserving the deep, intense bouquet of flavors of the fine cocoa from which they are made.

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Country of origin
Costa Rica

​​​Cacao mass (69% Costa Rica), sugar, cacao nibs, cacao butter

Can contain
Average nutritional value for 100g
Energy 620kcal
Fat 56g
saturated fat 28g
Carbohydrates 44g
sugar 24g
Fiber 16g
Protein 16g
Salt 0g
Additional information
Weight: 50 g | Size: 7 × 13 cm | GTIN: 07443021400184

Cocoa farmer and chocolate maker

Eva Fernandez Ruiz´s Cacao Farm

Eva Fernandez Ruiz, also known as Doña Eva, is a smallholder cacao producer operating in Northern Costa Rica. She is one of several farmers that supply Nahua.

When Eva was a child, her father worked on one of the larger farms in the region. For his years of hard work and loyal service, her father was given a small plot of land on which he planted a cacao forest, hoping to establish a consistent source of income for his family. However, when disease struck cacao plantations throughout Costa Rica in the 1970s and 1980s, Eva’s father abandoned the plantation.

Eva inherited the plantation, which had become overgrown and unproductive. Any harvest available, Eva sold in the local market. Over the years, Eva became unable to keep up with the demands of managing her 7 hectare plantation. Nahua agronomists visited Eva and recognized that her cacao farm was not maximizing its productivity potential. Now Eva’s plantation is undergoing an improvement/renovation process which will allow her, in two years, to benefit from improved productivity and a meaningful increase in household income.

Nahua is Costa Rica’s leading brand of fine artisan chocolate. Their chocolate is produced with unique single origin Trinitario cacao beans nurtured to their full-bodied flavor potential through a meticulous post-harvest process. A rich variety of ingredients is then added to provide a unique gourmet experience for all chocolate lovers. Working directly with local farming communities, Nahua’s Cacao Renovation Program helps improve the lives of smallholder farmers by providing valuable technical training and access to financing. The program also focuses on preserving the environment by promoting sustainable farming practices, reforestation, and the conservation of natural ecosystems. Nahua seeks to make a positive impact, one cacao bean at a time!...

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