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Luzz Cacau

Luzz Cacau is a company that is passionate about the world of chocolate, and they proudly follow the "Tree to Bar" philosophy. With an immense dedication to quality and flavor, they aim to offer our customers a unique and engaging experience.

From growing cocoa on sustainable farms to the artisanal production of each chocolate bar, they control the entire process to ensure the highest quality and traceability of their products. This means that they know the origin of the cocoa they use, promoting environmental preservation and respect for the producing communities.

Their chocolates are carefully elaborated, using the best ingredients. Every detail is thought out to delight the senses and transmit the love and passion they have for chocolate.
Besides being delicious, their chocolates are a conscious choice, as they value sustainability, fair trade, and social responsibility.

Environmental commitments:
Environmental commitment is fundamental to Luzz Cacau, from the selection of cacao seedlings to the production of each chocolate bar.At Luzz, they value the careful choice of cocoa seedlings, seeking varieties that are resistant and adapted to the local environment. The need for agrochemicals is therefore reduced and it promotes more sustainable agriculture.

Besides, Luzz uses the cabruca system in its plantations. Cabruca consists in growing cocoa under the shade of native Atlantic Forest trees, respecting the environmental balance and preserving the forest. This agroforestry approach helps conserve biodiversity and contributes to the maintenance of water resources.

During the production process, Luzz Cacau is also committed to reducing waste and optimizing the use of natural resources. They implement measures to save water and energy, in addition to promoting recycling and proper waste management.

Social commitments:
Social commitment is an essential part of Luzz Cacau’s Tree-to-Bar approach. They believe that chocolate production should be done in an ethical and responsible way, taking into consideration the welfare of the communities involved.

Working in partnership with cocoa farmers who follow fair and sustainable practices Luzz is committed to offering adequate remuneration for those involved and respect for labor rights. They seek to create long-term relationships with these partners, promoting the economic and social development of local communities.

In addition, transparency is fundamental throughout the production chain. Luzz Cacau guarantees the traceability of their ingredients, from the origin of the cocoa to the manufacture of the chocolate, so that consumers can be sure that they are supporting responsible production.
Finally, seeking to involve and empower local communities, Luzz Cacau provides development opportunities through training programs and partnerships for those involved in cocoa production.