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Free delivery in Switzerland on orders above CHF 75.-

Founded in 2016, Latitude Craft Chocolate is a vertically integrated social enterprise producing specialty cacao and bean to bar chocolate at origin in Uganda.

Latitude's journey in chocolate was born out of a deep desire to build a sustainable traceable supply chain, serving the craft chocolate market with premium Ugandan cacao while positively impacting thousands of households. Latitude's obsession with quality and sustainable development quickly gave way to their own bean to bar factory in Uganda, where the team of young Ugandan chocolate makers and chocolatiers produce a full range of chocolate products – from bars and bonbons to couvertures. By using locally sourced ingredients and inclusions, their aim is to bring the unique flavors and culture of Uganda to the world through chocolate.

The award-winning cacao used in Latitude's chocolate is sourced directly from certified organic farmers in Western Uganda. Each week during harvest season, the staff pays contracted suppliers cash on delivery for fresh cacao at rural collection points that are walking distance from their farms. The cacao is then centrally box fermented and sun-dried at Latitude's nearby fermentary to achieve their signature Semuliki and Rwenzori flavors. Latitude is proud to pay suppliers 15-30% above market prices for their cacao and to provide direct support in the form of training on organic practices, farm management, and financial literacy. Their staff visit every individual farm throughout the year, providing one to one support and ensuring compliance with Latitude’s social and environmental sourcing policies.

Latitude Craft Chocolate are building a chocolate industry from scratch in Uganda and hope you will join them in this effort!