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Milz Chocolat

The Milz Strauss family, with a long trajectory in livestock, was drawn several years ago towards cacao cultivation, acquiring a cacao farm in 2015. Back then, the farm had young trees (1-3 years old) and it was slowly starting to produce its first fruits. A year later, they purchased another parcel in front of the original farm, which already had adult trees.

The brand Milz Chocolat was born in 2019. At the end of 2020, Milz Chocolat took part in the first Festival of Dominican Chocolate and were awarded gold, silver, and publics choice awards. In 2022 they participated in the UK Academy of Chocolate Awards and won silver and bronze awards.

Milz Chocolat is an artisan product from farm to bar. Their delicious chocolate is created with the best cacao from their own land, Cacaotal del Norte IFM, located in the mountains in the north coast of the Dominican Republic, known as El Jobo, Gaspar Hernandez. This is where the whole process starts, beginning with sustainable and responsible cultivation and harvesting, and continuing with the fermentation and drying in order to produce cacao beans of excellent quality and flavor. The cacao beans are then transported to their factory in Sosua, Puerto Plata, where it is turned into delicious chocolate. The first step is to carefully select the cacao beans so that they can be optimally roasted to guarantee a delicious flavor. Then comes the process of refinement and conching, in small batches for several days. Once this is done, the chocolate is tempered, molded and wrapped by hand.