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Fu Wan - Dark chocolate Ping Tung 62% with Red Jade tea - TAIWAN - 35g


Fu Wan - Dark chocolate Ping Tung 62% with Red Jade tea is made from Ping-Tung cacao ground with Taiwanese red jade tea, bringing notes of bay leaf, star anise, bergamot, and cinnamon. A very elegant and well-balanced chocolate.

This multi award-winning chocolate is part of Fu Wan's "Ping Tung" collection, considered the best dark chocolates in the world. You’ll notice an exceptionally silky mouthfeel.

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Country of origin

​Cacao mass (62% Taïwan), sugar, Red Jade tea

Can contain
Average nutritional value for 100g
Energy 629kcal
Fat 48g
saturated fat 31g
Carbohydrates 44g
sugar 30g
Fiber 7g
Protein 6g
Salt 0g
Additional information
Weight: 35 g | Size: 7 × 13 cm | GTIN: 04712960634466

Cocoa farmer and chocolate maker

Fu Wan Farm

All of Fu Wan's chocolate is made from tree to bar in Ping Tung county, a county located in the southernmost part of Taiwan.

Thanks to its warm tropical monsoon microclimate, Fu Wan cacao is able to grow in a region that would normally be too far north for cultivating this plant. The cacao trees are planted to substitute betel nuts. They are certified pesticide-free by SGS every year.

Fu Wan Chocolate
Founded by Warren Hsu, the first certified chocolate taster in Taiwan, Fu Wan Chocolate is a true Taiwanese brand. Sourcing high-quality cacao locally, Fu Wan fuses chocolate and Taiwan's signature ingredients to create fresh, delicate and charming new flavors. Located in Ping Tung, where the weather is suitable to grow cacao trees, they craft chocolate with the highest quality control and the shortest chocolate food miles in the world. Fu Wan Chocolate uses the “Tree to Bar” model in their production process, working with the farmers from the start. They aim to create a better growing environment with the farmers, helping improve and develop the estates. Fu Wan has conducted research to create a special fermentation method for producing better and fresher cacao from the beans. Since 2017, Fu Wan has won numerous international awards, including ICA and AOC Gold Medals, and earned worldwide recognition for its exceptional efforts in propelling Asian cacao....

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