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LIKKLE MORE are a small bean-to-bar chocolate atelier based in sunny Kingston, who takes great pride in making every bite of their chocolate – a perfect balance between passion, craftsmanship, local flavors and the best quality ingredients from Jamaican terroir. They work in close collaboration their cacao farmers to grow and select the finest Jamaican cocoa beans, creating a unique tasting experience in each of their bars.

Originally from the Ivory Coast, fine pastry chef and artisan chocolatier Nadine Burie spent her life moving around the world before settling in Jamaica in 2010, where she fell in love with the country, its nature, people and island vibes. As a personal fan of French patisserie, she was inspired to introduce it to her new homeland. She undertook fine pastry and chocolatier courses at Canada’s most prestigious chocolate academy, as well as various cocoa trainings with the best bean-to-bar specialists in the Caribbean, so that she could establish her own atelier back in Jamaica. A labor of love ensued for Nadine, to create a collection of tantalizing dessert recipes & wonderful artisan chocolates, infused with local flavors. Nadine has been crowned Best Dessert Chef by Jamaica's Observer Jing's Shi Award for the past four years. Dedicating her practice to enchanting Jamaica's taste buds & sustainability, nature has never tasted so good.

Mother Nature is a beautiful treasure that needs to be cherished. Island life especially has a particularly close bond to the environment. This is why LIKKLE MORE’s motto is simple: sustainability. Each step of their production is dedicated to crafting a product that is equally delicious and created in harmony with nature. From ethically sourced cocoa and recipes with all-natural ingredients to plant-based, recycled & biodegradable packaging, LIKKLE MORE’s commitment to sustainability is at the heart of their chocolate.