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Fabiola Zorrero is Metiche! She was born and raised in Guadalajara, Mexico. Without realizing it, she’s always been connected to chocolate, snacking on dark chocolate at a young age. Everything changed in 2020 when she decided to explore chocolate making.

Fabiola saved a couple of pesos and bought a small 5kg melangeur to transform cacao into chocolate. After experimenting for two days, she had a chocolate bar in her hand. Alchemy. Self-taught at first, Fabiola eventually came across “Craft Chocolate TV”, a YouTube channel held by two Hawaiian brothers about the basics of chocolate making. After a couple of months learning from their videos, Fabiola reached out to Dylan and Carson and ended up interning with them for three months in Hawaii, learning about harvesting, fermentation, roasting profiles, chocolate making and of course how to start running a chocolate business – which is no small feat! Nevertheless, she knew that her curiosity, love and devotion for this beautiful craft would lead her into starting her own journey in artisanal chocolate making.

The following months were filled with travels to the south of Mexico, searching for cacao in the states of Tabasco and Chiapas, in remote communities where services such as electricity are scarce. In time, Metiche grew into what it is today: a small batch chocolatier whose purpose is to make one of the most sophisticated chocolate bars in Mexico, and to express through chocolate the romantic complexity of Mexican beans. Metiche wants to encourage Mexicans to reconnect with their cacao heritage.

To support cacao farming is to support the environment. Sadly, in Mexico a lot of farmers are moving towards cattle raising on land which used to grow cacao. As cacao is in low demand nowadays, land is being stripped of its biodiversity to grow grass for cattle, generating an imbalance in the ecosystem. Metiche are constantly looking for small farmers with small quantities of a certain variety of cacao. They encourage them to keep growing cacao and buy from them to ensure, at least on a small scale, that there is still interest in cacao.

Metiche’s way of working is a holistic one, looking at each and every aspect of the process. They are very conscious of which cacao they use and of who grows it and take time to get to know the farmers who supply their cacao, to create a real human connection rather than only a business one.

Metiche are committed to our planet, favoring biodiversity always, and they are also committed to their consumers. No harmful or unnatural ingredients are used in their chocolate. They think about the roasting profiles with precision and like to deliver a beautiful product that will make you feel good.

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